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At NQ Drone Services, we understand the importance of providing quality drone training services. That’s why we have partnered with FPV Australia, a renowned training organisation, to ensure that our customers receive the finest drone training available. Whether you are interested in sub 25kg drones or DJI Ag Spray drones from the T-Series range, our expert trainers will equip you with the essential skills to safely and effectively operate a drone. We go above and beyond by offering comprehensive support, including assistance with ReOC documentation and in-depth knowledge of procedures, rules, and training that others may overlook. With our guidance, you can confidently navigate the exciting drone industry and master the skills needed for spraying, seeding, mapping, and more. Trust us to be your partner every step of the way in your journey into the world of drones.


Course Options

Including stand-alone AROC certification.

Remote Pilot's Licence (RePL)

This course provides the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) required qualification to operate commercial drones in Australia. Our five day Remote Pilot's Licence (RePL) course includes three days of online training and two days of practical training and assessment.

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Already hold a Flight Crew Licence?

Adapting the standard Remote Pilot's Licence (RePL) course for those who already possess a Flight Crew Licence, this highly customisable experience provides you with options for your level of participation.

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