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NQ Commercial Drone Services (NQD) is a leading provider of cutting-edge aerial solutions for the agriculture and commercial industries in Cairns and throughout North Queensland. Our team of highly trained professionals specialises in using drones for precision spraying, seeding, and spreading. We also offer aerial crop checks and photographic surveys, capturing detailed imagery for analysis and mapping purposes. In the commercial sector, NQD provides precision aerial solutions for a range of industries and is always ready to tackle unique challenges and provide tailored drone services to elevate businesses. NQ Drones offers exceptional sales and training services, partnering with experienced trainers to equip individuals with the necessary skills in drone operations. We have all of the necessary and required licences, accreditation and insurance up-to-date with Australia’s agricultural and aviation standards, to ensure that tasks can be completed safely and professionally. With our comprehensive support, skills and after-sales service, we are a trusted partner in the exciting drone industry.

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Agriculture Drone Services

We specialise in providing a range of aerial agricultural drone solutions, utilising our drones for precision spraying applications, seeding, and spreading (including beneficial insects). Our highly trained team also conducts aerial crop checks to ensure optimal growth and productivity. Furthermore, we offer aerial photographic surveys, capturing detailed imagery such as NDVI, Digital Surface Models (DSM), elevation, contours, and 2D/3D mapping. With our advanced drone technology, we empower farmers and agricultural professionals to optimise their operations and achieve superior results.

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Commercial Drone Services

Our drone solutions allow us to provide a variety of services for the commercial industry! With an ever-expanding repertoire of innovative services, our team is always ready to explore and trial new ideas and tackle unique challenges, so if you have a problem that can be solved by a commercial drone, we are here to help. From general photography and videography to advanced capture and analysis and much more, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to discuss how our commercial drone services can elevate your business and be tailored to suit your needs.

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Drone Sales

NQD is your go-to registered DJI reseller in Far North Queensland, offering a wide range of high-quality drones and parts. With our exceptional after-sales service, we ensure your complete satisfaction. As passionate drone enthusiasts, we only sell what we personally fly, guaranteeing an honest opinion and expert advice. Unsure of what to buy? Contact us via call or email enquiry, and our friendly team will gladly assist you in finding the perfect drone to meet your needs.

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NQ Drone Services is proud to offer premium drone training services. We have partnered with FPV Australia, a renowned training organisation, to bring you the finest training in sub 25kg drones and DJI Ag Spray drones from the T-Series range. Whether you aspire to master spraying, seeding, or mapping, our expert trainers will equip you with the essential skills to safely and effectively operate a drone. We take pride in offering comprehensive support, including ReOC documentation assistance and in-depth knowledge of procedures, rules, and training that others may overlook. Trust us to guide you through every step of your journey into the exciting world of drones!


NQ Commercial Drones

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Moddus Spraying for Farmacist & Growers in the Cairns Region

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