Managing Native Bee Pollinators

We attended and presented at the ‘Managing native bee pollinators on your farm’ workshop in Mareeba on 26th July 2023. 

This event was presented by Dr Tim Heard (entomologist and ex-CSIRO research scientist). Funded by AgriFutures and supported by the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 

We gave a short presentation explaining to growers and businesses how our aerial spreading of beneficials can manage their bee pollinators and enhance their farm’s biodiversity. 

The topics Tim covered has given us extra knowledge on: 

  • Bees, their biology, life cycle, social life, nesting and foraging behaviour 
  • Flower structure, biology, and pollination of relevant local crops
  • Managing your farm agroecosystem to protect and encourage native bees
  • Propagation and management of native stingless bee hives on farms
  • Increasing the yield of your horticultural crops by boosting number of native bee pollinators

Focusing on growers of Avocados, Mangoes, Lychee, Coffee, Davidson Plum and Blueberry.

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